Video Stills from Samuel’s Film

by andrewcagle

If you haven’t noticed, my writing has slowed of late. I am currently in the final editing stages on two films and am shooting/writing a third. My schedule for this month and next is working to achieve a smooth flow in and out of projects. These three films are the last narrative stories I will do through video. There are two more short marketing films to shoot. I will continue to write a few more stories and will begin production on two audio podcasts while here.

Writing for pleasure has taken a backseat. The above list has consumed most of my extra mental energy. To keep you updated and give a peek at what I am working on, I figured I would share video stills and photos over the next few days.

The pictures below are frames taken from a short film telling Samuel Kwogi’s story. He is a Seed Effect client who is using his loan to make the dream of a local clinic a reality. His greatest desire to help people through medicine. Samuel is a wonderful example of how individual empowerment leads to community transformation.

The aspect ratio isn’t 16:9, so they’re a little horizontally compressed. That’s just how FCP does freeze frames by default. 

Interview in Samue's clinic in Mere market.

To learn more about Seed Effect and the work my teammates here in South Sudan are doing everyday, go here: