Storify on the Egyptian Presidential Debate

by andrewcagle

Last night I sat up, late at night, to catch the first ever televised presidential debate in Egypt. To this day Egypt has never had a civilian president and its people have lacked a say in who their executive leader is for the past three decades. Regardless of whether you follow events in the Arab world, last night represented an important milestone in democracy for Egypt and the region. This freedom, played out through a debate on television, was now being realized in a great way. There is still progress to be made and the presidential powers are still to be fully defined, but you can’t deny what this moment represents for Egyptians.

The debate was long (almost five hours) and it started at around 10:30pm. Thankfully, I was able to watch via live-stream over the internet.  I made it to the end of the first half at 12:30am, then went to bed. The debate was divided into two parts. The first half focused on internal challenges facing Egypt and the second half focused on external challenges. This Storify covers the first half that I watched. I watched in Arabic and followed live tweets on Twitter.

Here are the highlights I put together today:

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