Egypt’s Election Days

by andrewcagle

As mentioned in my previous post, I will be blogging on the conclusion of Egypt’s 2011-2012 elections next week and what the results mean or could mean for Egypt. Last night, voters finished casting ballots for the next president of Egypt. This caps Egypt’s first round of post-Mubarak elections. Parliament is already sitting, having been elected in voting during November and February.

The official results of the election will be announced on Tuesday. Until then, here is a look at the election days through my Twitter feed. This is a highlight of reportage and coverage of the elections in Egypt from Arab and Western journalists, media outlets, bloggers, activists, and MENA academics/researchers.

It is also important to note the limits of social media reporting in Egypt and the Twitter demographic. Less than 1 percent of the population has a Twitter account. Highlighting Twitter coverage of individuals reporting on the ground is, in my opinion, the best method of following the voting days on social media networks.

In the meantime, check out the links below for a graphic illustrating Egypt’s political parties and two articles on transitioning executive power in Egypt.

Storify: Election Days in Egypt

[Photo: Herald Sun, Australia]


Map of Egyptian Political Parties

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After Egypt Elects a President, What Happens to SCAF? from the Cairo Review of Global Affairs.