The Freckles of Jenin

by andrewcagle

I  haven’t been blogging much lately because I have been consumed in school work and all of my writing energy goes into my undergraduate thesis. The writing process also involves combing through primary interviews and research material documented two years ago in Jordan and the West Bank. I have decided to post stills from our video footage and write short blurbs about them while I finish the paper. Today has included going through footage in Jenin and Jerash.

Walls bear the scars of camp life in Jenin. These apartments were rebuilt after the 2002 intifada, in which over 200 homes were destroyed by Israeli reprisal shelling. Like many walls in Jenin, bullet holes are worn as freckles, giving character to their beige skin. No wall or mind remains young and unblemished for long, before reality makes its mark.