Humans of Amman

by andrewcagle

Punxsutawnet Phil has declared the end of Winter, and thus, the end of my own “writing winter” shall come to an end, as well. It has taken me longer than expected to pick up the keyboard and continue writing, but it has been a busy last six months. I will continue to do longer-format posts, but I am going to work on sustaining post frequency with some shorter blogs and sharing of content from around the web and the tangible world.

To kick off the writing “Spring,” I want to share a new blog titled “Humans of Amman.” You can view the blog, in the form of a Facebook page, by clicking here: Humans of Amman ناس عمان. The page is inspired by a popular photo project, Humans of New York, which was created by photographer Brandon Stanton. If you haven’t seen the HONY website or Facebook page, check it out. It’s fantastic work.


“There is a fighter inside my heart who only knows winning في قبلي مقاتل يعرف الا الانتصار” (Photo: Ali Al-Hasani)

Humans of Amman was recently created by Ali Al-Hasani, a Jordanian photographer in Amman. He and other local photographers are taking to the streets of Jordan’s capital to capture its people and daily life with beautiful and bold informality. This is just a small example of a growing creative community in Jordan, especially among the younger generations. Having spent time in Jordan for a documentary project, it is exciting to see a venture like this being launched. The Humans of Amman project is a great way for me to keep the memories of Jordan alive through daily snapshots of its people. Hopefully the work of these photographers grows and shows that the humans of New York and Amman aren’t all that different, but each unique.

You can follow Ali and Humans of Amman on Twitter: @_AHA and @AmmanHumans