Jordan #hashtagdebates

by andrewcagle

  1. Roughly two years into ongoing uprisings and reform movements in the Middle East, Jordan remains in the bloc of countries whose civil society has seen little fundamental change. Jordanian citizens have held protests and continually called for constitutional reforms, stopping short of demanding regime change. On January 23, 2013, Jordan held its first parliamentary elections since new election laws were passed in June.

    Today, Reuters is reporting that H.M. King Abdullah II is calling for further changes in order to create a more representative parliament. This statement was spurred by a boycott of last month’s parliamentary elections by Islamist parties in Jordan. The boycott was motivated by a widely held grievance among Islamists, Palestinians, and minority groups, that under current laws, elections are skewed against urban areas where these groups hold most of their support. Rural Jordan is home to a larger portion of the kingdom’s bedouin Jordanians, which favor the regime.

    This past week in Amman, the independent media organization, held another iteration of their #hashtagdebates series. The town hall-like forum seeks to bring together Jordanian citizens with political and social leaders to foster dialogue, hopefully leading to a more open society, and in their own words, give power to “craft and share their own narratives.” This  gathering brought local citizens together to with former Jordanian Prime Minister and current President of the Senate, Taher Al Masri.

    Jordan’s lukewarm “Arab Spring”, as many would call it, has been frustrating for the kingdoms citizens, hanging on the brink of any real reform. Up to this point, Jordan has not reached an impasse or breaking point in their quiet, determined struggle of self-determination. Surveying the uprisings around them, especially Syria to the north, Jordanians know that violent upheaval is something their country and the region cannot afford. Seeing open dialogue grow in the form of events like the #hashtagdebates is refreshing and signals the planting of powerful seeds of change. Time will tell when the mustard seeds of true democracy explode into the change and political reform that Jordanians seek in their country.

    *Arabic tweets are in the process of being translated. Keep checking back for a full English translation in the next several days.

  2. #HashtagDebates are back; we’re hosting H.E. Taher Al-Masri to talk abt the aftermath of parliamentary elections
  3. Going on #hashtagdebates about #joElections #jo #amman 7iber
  4. With a parliament that looks a lot like the last 1, are we still in political gridlock? – 1st qstn to Taher Masri at #hashtagdebates #jo
  5. @Obada_Kayyali: هل تشكيلة المجلس الحالي قادرة على تطبيق الإصلاحات المطلوبة في المرحلة القادمة#hashtagdebates
  6. “@Obada_Kayyali: Is the current composition of the Council is able to implement the required reforms in the next phase”
  7. المصري: نتمنى عودة مجلس النواب من عام ٨٩ ذا الأداء الجيد جدا و تم انتخابه بقانون انتخاب جيد على غرار الصوت الواحد الحالي.
  8. “Taher Masri: We hope to return to the House of Representatives of ’89. It saw very good performance and was elected by a good election law, similar to the current one vote [system].”
  9. RT @7iber: المصري: برلمان ٨٩ الذي لم يقم على قانون الصوت الواحد كان من أقوى البرلمانات، استقلت من رئاسة الوزراء تلبية لعريضة وقعها #hashtagdebates
  10. The romanticism for #JO‘s parliment in ’89 is part of Taher Al Masri’s rhetoric as a former Prime Minister. #HashtagDebates
  11. المصري: بعد انتخابات ال ٢٠٠٧ و ٢٠١٠ أصبح تغيير قانون الصوت الواحد مطلب جماهيري شعبي #hashtagdebates
  12. Taher Masri: this parliament is different than the last one. New leadership likely to emerge in the Lower House. #HashtagDebates #jo
  13. One-man one-vote system showed its flaws…forced on the political arena…it will hopefully be the last time we see it #hashtagdebates
  14. طاهر المصري.. هلا سميت لنا الجهات التي وقفت في طريق الحوار الوطني و مخرجاته؟
    #Hashtagdebates #Jo #ReformJo
  15. 1 wonders if the learning curve post the “shelved” National Agenda has improved as Masri speaks of same experience with NDC #HashtagDebates
  16. Question posed to Taher Masri: how do you feel about having an elected Senate? #Hashtagdebates #jo
  17. سؤال: هل سيلبي مجلس ١٧ طموحات الشعب الأردني؟ #hashtagdebates
  18. #HashtagDebates احد الحضور يسال عن رأي المصري في انتخاب الأعيان أو على الأقل انتخاب بطريقة غير مباشرة
  19. The Senate needs to have a new function – but we don’t want it to be a duplication of the Lower House – Taher Masri #hashtagdebates #jo
  20. #hashtagdebates هل رفض وضع قانون إنتخابات ممثل ناتج عن الخوف من الإخوان أم آخر
  21. For perspective, the Senate under Masri’s leadership passed controversial legislation against freedom of online expression #HashtagDebates
  22. I don’t know if this parliament fullfills peoples’ ambitions but it has some good ppl who cud bring abt change – Taher Masri #hashtahdebates
  23. Masri says he had second thoughts on participating in #Joelections via a national list #HashtagDebates
  24. If my answers dont address your questions, let me know…I’m not trying to avoid a question – Taher Masri #hashtagdebates #jo
  25. Can someone ask about the censorship Law and how he was pressured? what is the true story there? @7iber #hashtagdebates
  26. Debate nights like these are why political exchange between citizens of #JO and officials matters. #HashtagDebates
  27. المصري:أنا متفائل من ما رأيته الأسبوع الماضي في اجتماعاتي فإن مجلس النواب الحالي لن يكون كالسابق.
  28. #hashtagdebates المصري يتساءل أن كان وجوده شكلي أم لا عدة مرات و يعول على بقاء الحراك كقوى ضغط لتحقيق التغيير المحتوم
  29. Why did we have to endure another deformed Parliament? Why 2017 and not 2013? Too many promises have proven to be futile. #hashtagdebates
  30. RT @omar_faisal86: Why did we have to endure another deformed Parliament? Why 2017 and not 2013? Too many promises have proven to be futile. #hashtagdebates
  31. @omar_faisal86 because there is no real intention for reform! الشمس لا تغطى بغربال! #HashtagDebates
  32. المصري: الاحتمال الأقوى في تسمية رئيس الوزراء هو ترك القرار لجلالة الملك لأن فوص توافق النواب و الأعيان على اسم قليلة جدا #hashtagdebates
  33. Way of appointment of the next Prime Minister isn’t even clear to Masri, a former prime minister. #HashtagDebates
  34. Question from the audience on Independent Elections Commission and its role during the election season & the elections. #hashtagdebates #jo
  35. RT @ZainMN: سؤال:هناك ٩٠نائب جديد في المجلس الجديد.هل هناك أي آلية تختص بتجهيزهم لتمثيل الشعب وفهم آليةعمل الحكومةوالقانون؟
  36. #hashtagdebates @tarawnah why not speak truth to power why did Masri not resign when dialogue committee recommendations were ignored
  37. Masri thinks isolated steps were taken in implementating reform and that basic steps were covered. #HashtagDebates
  38. Masri did vote but didn’t dip his finger in blue ink. Says he would’ve resigned if he wasn’t planning to vote. #HashtagDebates
  39. المصري: صوتنا بعدد لا بأس به ضد القانون و لكن تم اقراره بالنهاية #hashtagdebates
  40. المصري: ليس هناك عملية تثقيف و تدريب للنواب الجدد، و لكنهم يشاركو في برامج و دورات من مؤسسات أوروبية #hashtagdebates
  41. المصري: بدنا زلام توقف وتقول لأ. ونحن بحاجة للمؤسسية وسيادة القوانين #HashtagDebates #jo @7iber
  42. Seems Masri’s talking about what King has called the “tsk” mentality but from a Senator pov…yes men polluting govt. #hashtagdebates #jo
  43. #hashtagdebates طاهر المصري: بدنا رجال، ويجب القبول بالراي والرأي الآخر
  44. Masri answers question on exclusion of Islamists via electorate. Says laws r set 4 majority whereas they represent 20% only #HashtagDebates
  45. RT @LinaWaheeb: طاهر المصري: بدنا زلام توقّف وتقول لأ. #hashtagdebates
  46. “@LinaWaheeb: We want Zlam to stop and say no.”
  47. Answering @hazem , Masri : officials should man up & say no to all unconstituational practices #HashTagDebates
  48. @SamiHourani Not low a percentage by any means especially given its mobilization powers #HashtagDebates
  49. المصري: لا أقبل قول البعض أن الأردن غير جاهز للديمقراطية! #hashtagdebates
  50. #hashtagdebates ألا تستطيع النساء الوقوف وقول لا! #بس_بسأل هناك حاجة لتغيير الخطاب السياسي والتوقف عن ربط الشجاعة بالرجال فقط
  51. Masri believes in proportional presentation based correlated to distribution of population cc: @Curtisryan1 #HashtagDebates
  52. المصري: لا آخذ البعد الديمغرافي في وضع قانون الانتخابات، قد أقترح مقعد اضافي لبعض المناطق النائية #hashtagdebates
  53. #Hashtagdebates today with Taher Masri , nice open discussion and insights from #Jordan veteran politician
  54. “Thank you, everyone, for your attendance.”